How & where do I buy?

Depends on sales channel and location. Send in your enquiries to us & we will advice

Where can this product be used?

Corporate offices, co space meeting rooms, educational institutes, community centers and hospitals, exhibition

What are the benefits of having this solution?
  1. Mitigate meeting clashes
  2. Maximize room utilization with the potential to increase employee to room ratio, saving space and cost
  3. Extendable to include office controls based on meeting schedules like turning on air-con before meeting start
Whats the key differentiation factor compared to competition?

The PRM hub architecture enables cost effective PanL panels to be used so that you can enjoy the same smart office privileges at a competitive price based on market research we have done. Also , the underlying PanL platform enables control of exisiting and future technologies aside from schedulling

What are the key features
  1. On spot panel book/claim/extend /end meeting with light indicators to show room status from afar
  2. Auto release feature to reduce no shows
  3. Integrate with Outlook Exchange , Office 365 & Google Calender with add in booking feature
  4. Vendor management such as automating catering or office equipments request
  5. Overall room booking statistical reports