Company Profile

BRT Systems Pte Ltd (BRTSys) is the proud owner and designer of systems and platform products marketed under the PanL, IoTPortal and LDSBus brands. 

PanL offers the PanL Desk and Room Manager systems for efficient and cost-effective space management. 
The PanL Smart Living system offers bespoke home and smart office automation for comfort, wellness and optimal energy control. 

IoTPortal is a PaaS product that allows users to sense, monitor and control smart buildings and offices, industrial spaces, urban, indoor and outdoor agriculture and aquaculture farms from around the globe. 

Built using the company’s proprietary Long-Distance Sensor Bus (LDSBus) technology and LDSBus IoT products, we enable you to solve the challenges of IoT systems today.

BRT Systems Pte Ltd is headquartered in Singapore and is located at Tai Seng Exchange.