Mobile Application


The PanL Smart Living mobile application is designed to allow users to monitor and control their smart devices around the home that are connected to the PanL Smart Living system.



The mobile application provides users with complete control of their PanL Smart living system, from on-boarding devices into the system to creating device groupings and configuring user scenes to trigger multiple events at the press of a single button.

Additionally, user management and firmware updates for connected displays can be managed via the mobile application to provide a one stop control centre for your PanL Smart Living System.







Control in Your Hands

On-board, configure and control devices/appliances in the palm of your hands.

Scale Up as You Want

More devices to on-board to the same network? Simply add more hubs and configure them as a secondary.

Automation Events

Create automation which runs at the background so you don’t have remember or lift a finger.

Manage Users & Firmware

Add users into the different networks and assign role permissions. Manage firmware updates.

Display Configuration

Choose your preferred display background from our selections.
Configure the devices according to your preferences.

Replace Devices Seamlessly

Replace devices easily through the mobile app while keeping device attributes without the pain to rename or reconfigure existing groups, zones ,scenes or events.