PanL Desk Manager is your hot desking solution for better management of co-sharing spaces

Smart administrator

Eliminate manual booking and release of desks. Maximizing user to desk ratio.

Book anywhere

Make on-spot desk reservations right from the desk panl (QR Code) or advance booking through Outlook or mobile app.

Quickly spot desk

Clear LED indicators to distinguish between vacant and occupied desks.

Desk mapping

Upload floor maps and assign desk location for intuitive booking experience.

Office365 & Outlook

Exchange Integrate and synchronize with existing Microsoft Outlook calendar seamlessly.

Desk utilization

Re-conditioning of shared workspace using statistical data for cost and space savings.

Quick scale and deploy

Easily scale up number of desks with wireless enabled displays powered by micro-USB.

Central management

Centralized console to manage configuration, booking resources and policies.

Handle Resource Usage Conflicts

The birth of business-changing ideas often come from meeting rooms. It is inevitable for conflicts to happen when meeting room usage is high. By setting strict usage policies and display signage may just keep the heat in check.

Smart Administration

Manage resources, user groups, user permissions and usage policies with a central management console. The flexibility to reassign desk zones and team members allows trial-and-error to achieve optimal space usage.

Desk-to-Staff Ratio

Make your workspace work harder for you. Ditch the traditional personal desk arrangements and replace it with co-sharing desks. Users make on-demand booking and utilize the desks only when needed.

Statistics At Your Fingertips

Make better resource planning decisions by gathering insightful data on usage trends and resource loads. Identify key factors deterring growth in productivity per square metre.

Make a booking anytime, anywhere

Don’t limit your working day to only take place in the office. Make working on the go an alternative by using a scheduling solution that supports a flexible way of life and work. With PanL app your personal productivity will get a real boost!

  • Integrate with MS365 and MS Exchange calendar
  • Connect directly to your office calendar and keep all schedule in one place.
  • On-spot booking on digital signages
  • Feasible booking via Display or QR code
  • Orientate quickly with centralize floor layout
  • View desk availability on the entire floor. Search a specific desk or person from the map

Desk Viewer

Convenient Access

  • Scheduled bookings
  • Remote booking
  • Ad-hoc booking

Easy Configuration

  • Usage Policy
  • User management
  • New Users and Desk Booking can be grouped and assigned with different booking policies and permissions based on workplace arrangement.

Integrated Calendar

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Office365


  • Usage trends
  • User behaviour and feedback
  • Most popular desk