Office Co-work Space


The above illustration shows a typical PanL Desk Manager system in a co-work office environment, where each desk resource has an accompanying PD35L display. The PDM system is perfectly suited to providing a desk booking solution in a co-work office environment by allowing users to book desk resources as required.

The system can generate statistics viewable on the VMC dashboard, including data on desk utilization for management, such as the most utilized desks.  It also provides user statistics, including the number of consumed or cancelled bookings.  Additionally, the desk viewer and search functionality enable teams to book adjacent desks for collaborative task when necessary.



  • Easily book desk resources

Users can easily book desk resources via on-the-spot booking, or by advanced booking via the mobile applications or outlook add-in for the office environment.


  • Collaborate with team members

Using the search functionality in the mobile application, outlook add-in or desk viewer on premises users can books desks adjacent to team members aiding collaboration.


  • Check in and auto release of desks

The system enables the auto release of desk resources if not claimed within a defined time frame to prevent resource hogging and improve space utilization in the co-working environment.



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PanL Desk Manager is ideally suited to managing desk resources in a Library or University Library environment, enabling these organisations to effectively manage their available desk resources for their users. The above illustration shows a library environment with PD35L displays placed on each desk, while the desk viewer can be placed at the entrance of the library to enable easy location of free desks or search functionality to location another person in the library.


  • Easily book desks and collaborate

Users can easily search for and book desk resources for their project via on-the-spot booking, or by advanced booking via the mobile applications or outlook add-in for the library environment. Collaboration on shared projects can be achieved via the booking search functionality.


  • Recurring bookings

Library users may wish to block-book desk resources for projects and the PDM system allows for recurring bookings so they can ensure a desk resource is available when needed.


  • Identity based on-the-spot booking

The system enables identity based on-spot booking via the PD35L display enabled via a QR code and the mobile application, ensuring that only library members can book desk resources.


  • User and Space Grouping

Easily form user or space groups and apply policies or permissions across them quickly, allowing libraries to control desk access for different user groups, such as undergraduates and postgraduates students.


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