IoTPortal is versatile, scalable sensor-to-cloud connectivity without need programming expertise


IoTPortal gets you started on your IoT journey with minimum hassle and trial and error. Our plug and play LDSBus sensors and actuators remove any confusion in setup and configuration. Importantly, no programming is required to measure or control your processes. Monitor your data globally from anywhere via mobile apps and browsers.

Take control immediately or let the IoTPortal automation system take care of it for you. Offload your data for more detailed analysis. IoTPortal lets you focus on what is important to you, be it crop yield, or energy efficiency and handles all the grunt work for you.

IoTPortal Cloud Service


IoTPortal is available 24/7 through AWS global infrastructure in 245 countries. Monitor and control your operations from anywhere with confidence.

IoTPortal Gateway


The IoTPortal Gateway provides secure communication and privacy for all your data to the cloud. It manages up to 320 sensors and actuators and ensures they are operating correctly. Caching is employed to ensure no data sample is lost. The gateway takes care of powering all the devices on the LDSBus and this removes the need for battery replacement or additional energy management systems (e.g. Solar & BMS)

Sensors & Actuators


IoTPortal makes use of LDSBus sensors and actuators which are designed for aquaculture, agriculture, building management and industrial applications. Measure water quality or air quality, turn on motors or pumps with our LDSBus nodes.

Smartphone App and Dashboard

The IoTPortal mobile and web applications provide information and control at your fingertips. Use dashboards to monitor the progress of your processes, setup alerts or create automations to reduce manual labour, manage your users by assigning them roles.


Self Powered

Sensor/Actuator Nodes are powered directly.  Say goodbye to battery issues.

High Scalable PaaS

A single IoTPortal Gateway is able to connect up to 320 sensors/actuators.  Add more gateways to scale up further.

Wide Reach

A single IoTPortal Gateway can cover an area of 12.6 hectares or 12 footlball fields.

Security & Noise Immunity

No signal fallout, inherent privacy and security with wired based communication.

High Flexibility

Mix and match sensors/actuators to suit your application needs.  No programming required.

Control & Automation

Manually control external devices remotely or globally or create automation events based on sensor triggers.