IoTPortal Gateway

The IoTPortal Gateway allows a wide variety of LDSBus protocol based LDSBus Devices (sensors/actuators) to communicate with BRTSys IoTPortal Cloud services without the need for a PC. Real time monitoring, alert notifications and control automation can be configured through the cloud via the IoTPortal Mobile app.

It connects to the cloud via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and is powered either via POE or an external DC adaptor (PSU).

It comes with 3 LDSBus RJ45 ports which serve as data communication/power interface to the LDS bus network. Each port can be connected to multiple LDSBus Quad T-Junction using RJ45 cables (Cat5e) and each Quad T-Junction supports up to 4 LDSBus Devices (Sensors/Actuators) with a distance reaching up to 200 meters.