I want to be notified whenever my LDSU (for example a 4in1 Sensor) goes offline and returns online. How can I do this?

The IoTPortal Events feature makes it easy to do this. You can set up an event which triggers when your LDSU goes offline and you can then tell IoTPortal which actions to take in response, such as sending an email to one or more address(es) specified. Similarly, you can set a second event which triggers when the LDSU comes online and sends an email to the specified address(es). These events can be set up via the IoTPortal web application and the mobile apps (iOS & Android).

Figure Q2a shows the IoTPortal web application Events page with the two events set up. You can see all of your events listed here as well as enabling/disabling them. You can also click the arrow at the right-hand side to edit them.

Figure Q2a

Figure Q2b shows the 4in1 LDSU Offline event. In the ‘When’ settings on the left-hand side, you can select one or more conditions using AND/OR logic. Here, the LDSU Status condition is added and configured to trigger when the LDSU is offline for at least 10 seconds. In the ‘Do’ settings on the right-hand side, you can specify one or more actions to take. Here, the Send Email action is selected. You can specify the email addresses of one or more users as well as specifying the message to be sent.

Figure Q2b

For example, when the 4in1 sensor goes offline, the specified users will receive an email message as shown in Figure Q2c

Figure Q2c