How can I use BRTSys products to ensure that the dissolved oxygen levels in my fish farm remain within safe levels?

To ensure adequate dissolved oxygen levels, ensure that the Dissolved Oxygen (DO) probe is regularly serviced and in working condition at all times. In most farms, aerator pumps are switched on and off on a periodic schedule to ensure that DO levels always remain at a high level. However, this is wasteful from an energy conservation and equipment life point of view and ideally, we should only have to turn on the aerator when the DO level is below a safe threshold and stop when a health level is reached. This can be achieved with the IoTPortal using our Events feature which activates and deactivates the required aerator pump(s) depending on measured DO levels. Besides this, push notifications, SMS and email alerts may also be configured via our Alert feature. All the foregoing is performed via our Zero-code environment.