Rise in Popularity in Automating Process Control with Smarter Technology

The ability to monitor and adjust processes to obtain a desired output, known as process control, is vital to maintaining quality and driving efficiency in industry. Smart technology, driven by advancements in sensor and actuator technology, is gaining popularity among engineers for automating processes. Industry partners are beginning to recognize the benefits of this technology, particularly in leveraging monitoring and automation within various processes.

Challenges in Process Control

The main challenge in implementing smart process control systems across various industries is the integration of smart devices at a system level. This process can be costly and complex, often requiring bespoke software and hardware solutions. Additionally, these systems may present usability issues, potentially undermining their benefits in efficiency and resource usage for organizations.

Sense, Monitor and Control with BRTSys IoTPortal

BRTSys IoTPortal provides a flexible, scalable IoT solution for monitoring and control. It can be easily deployed across applications, enhancing efficiency, and optimizing resources. Its cloud-based design allows global access for system control and monitoring.

Challenges Facing Process Control

  • Sensor Network Locality: Process control systems have sensing networks that gather and transmit data. However, this data is usually only locally accessible, requiring on-site monitoring by users
  • Separation of Sensing and Control networks: Actuators, which control process attributes based on sensor data, are often separate from sensors, making their integration into a process control system challenging and complicating the development of an effective system.
  • Lack of Automation: The system lacks automation due to challenges in integrating sensor and control networks. This necessitates resource allocation for process monitoring and response to sensor readings, which could otherwise be more effectively used within the organisation.

Automating Process Control with BRTSys IoTPortal

  • Remote Monitoring: Sensor data and actuator information is accessible via the cloud from anywhere in the world. Gain insights into application processes with real-time data visualisation.
  • Automation through Events: The IoTPortal integrates sensing and control functionalities into a unified sensor-actuator framework. Zero-code programming enables any user to become an automation specialist using its intuitive event-condition-action flow.  
  • Automatic Alerts: The IoTPortal enables users to set up system alerts triggered by specific events. Alerts can be sent via text, email, or mobile apps, enabling your organisation to reallocate human resources to other tasks. The system handles the process and only requests human intervention when needed.

Other Features

BRTSys IoTPortal provides a wide range of additional benefits to users looking to leverage this technology for automating their process control applications:

  • Highly Scalable – A single IoTPortal Gateway can support up to 80 devices, with each device consisting of several sensors and actuators
  • Self-Powered – Sensor and actuator nodes are powered directly from the IoTPortal gateway, thus mitigating against any potential battery issues
  • High Flexibility – Any number of IoTPortal Gateways may be deployed across a locality or region and accessed and controlled globally through the IoTPortal Software Platform, through the Dashboard on your Desktop or a Mobile Phone
  • Adaptability – BRTSys offers an array of sensors and actuators to support a wide variety of applications suitable for agriculture, aquaculture and building management.

The BRTSys IoTPortal system is the ideal solution for modern process control systems, allowing users to leverage the benefits of smart technology within their applications. It provides users with a remote monitoring and control system without the need to deploy custom software or hardware solutions, and the IoTPortal increases efficiency and optimises resource usage through process automation whilst overcoming the challenges of traditional process control systems.

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